Since the weekend is approaching, I’ve put together information about a few events happening from Friday (21/10/2016) through Sunday (23/10/2016).


  • Chokolaate Center Stage
    Time : 5:30 PM onward
    Date : 21 Oct 2016
    Venue: Bishop’s College Auditorium
  • Spectra
    Time : 4:00 PM – 6:00 AM
    Date : 22 Oct 2016
    Venue : Lagoon View Hotel Kurana, Negombo
    Price: Men – 1,500 RS | Women – Free | 1,000 RS for pre-sold
    Contact : 07118990711 / 0716611828
  • Prometheus
    Time : 6:00 PM onward
    Date : 22 Oct 2016
    Venue : Shamrock Club Lounge
    Price : Men – 1,500 RS | Women – Free | 2,000 for pre-sold
    Contact : 0758635553 / 0750928236

Exhibitions & Festivals

  • International Expo on Fire, Safety and Homeland Security
    Time : 9:00 AM onward
    Date : 21 Oct 2016 & 22 Oct 2016
    Venue : Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre in Colombo

Music & Drama

  • Legends All The Way
    Time : 6:00 PM to midnight
    Date : 21 Oct 2016
    Venue : CH & FC (Colombo Hockey and Football Club)
    Price : Tickets will be priced at Rs. 5000, Rs. 3000, Rs. 2000 & Rs. 1500
  • Arrested Development – LIVE In Concert
    Time : 7:00 PM onward
    Date : 22 Oct 2016
    Venue : CR & FC Ground, Colombo
    Price : Platinum – 5,000 | Gold – 3,000
    Contact : 011 555 1078

source [here]

Cars & Coffee Srilanka

Cars have somehow become the love of my life since I was a young teenager. The luxury of being brought up in a middle east country is that you get to see exotic cars on a daily basis.

You name it! Lamborghini? Ferrari? Bentley? the Arabs got it all. I had the privilege of experiencing exotic cars for over a decade.


(A Lamborghini in Kuwait, where I lived)

However, when I moved to Sri lanka, I instantly noticed how crap the automobile industry was here. Luxurious Exotic Cars? Forget it! All you’ll get to see is an old Honda civic modified poorly & people here appreciated it, I didn’t. (since I am an A-hole)

In mid-September I was at a Cafe in Colombo area & saw this huge crowd outside suddenly form. And then, “The Noise”. All these exotic cars enter the parking area revving their engines to put a show. I was surprised to see such beautiful cars in these streets.

So, I go over to this guy who owns a BMW i8 (car pictured above) & I asked him what was going on. He explained saying that there is a group called “Cars and Coffee” that organizes meets ups like these from time to time just to forward the knowledge about cars and mainly to put on an entertainer.


There will probably be another meet up soon. If you are interested, follow up on dates & timings through their Instagram page by clicking [Here].

Just Book Salon – a service

Just Book Salon is a website that I came across recently that basically helps you find Salons & Spas nearby.

This online service was available in Malaysia & Singapore and the newest addition to their list is Sri Lanka.
Here’s how it works:

  • Go to
  • Select your country
  • Select a city where you are trying to find a salon
  • In addition, you can specify a service or a salon you are looking for by name

Now, what if you are an owner that would like to get your salon on the sites list?

No worries, all you have to do is click [Here] & it’ll take you to their ‘help’ page which explains you the procedures in detail.